Monday, January 20, 2014

Steam punk clock - LONG overdue

I bought a nixie tube clock kit back in 2011 and for the most part since then it has been sitting collecting dust. I would come back to it every few months and spend some time thinking about it and trying a few different things, but it was one of those projects I just could not work out how to get quite right!

Well I finally decide to get it done and here is the result. Click the picture for a nicer view.

It's not quite how I imagined it originally, but I am extremely pleased with the results. It could do with some sides, but I could not find matching wood, so that's something i'll keep my eye out for in the future. I'll take some detail photos later for another post. 

If you are interested I bought the clock kit from very happy to see the site is still in the business.

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