Friday, December 30, 2011

LED Cube at the Melbourne Mini Maker Faire! 14th Jan 2012.

My LED Cube will be an exhibit at the first Melbourne Mini Maker Faire on 14th Jan 2012!

If you want to come along you do have to book a free ticket because space is limited. If you are a "maker", they still have spaces left for exhibits, talks, workshops, performances, whatever.


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  2. Hi Vespine,
    How did you go at the Maker Faire?
    Can't wait till they set one up in Adelaide!
    Maybe I can show off my LED cube,

    1. Hey! The faire was great, I'll have to make a post with some photos and stuff, unfortunately I got so caught up in the day that I literally took only a couple of photos myself, and those were at the start of the day before many people turned up. I did find a few other people's photos so I'll share those too..

      And WOW! Your cube looks amazing! You're obviously a far more competent programmer then me:) Took you a FEW WEEKS!?!? lol, I only took about 18 months. Excellent work.. Bit Angle Modulation?? Impressive, I think I've 'heard' of it before, but that looks like a really elegant solution. Makes my software design seem ridiculously clunky, with my boring old PWM drivers. Very impressive that you got it all running off the pic32, without drivers or anything. I started cubes on an 8 bit AVR, but by the time I upgraded to a PIC32, I was already far along enough that I didn't even consider putting everything back onto the micro controller.
      And the patterns you've got are very impressive too. I love the sine function, that's the approach I'm trying to use, more function and procedure generated patterns, but I'm struggling to work out how to make more dynamic patterns because so far I've been writing the code in straight C. I'm not sure you can write c++ in MPLAB, which is what pic starter kits are programmed in.. I programmed a few nice looking ones just before the faire, i should put a new video up, but they are still quite limited in what they achieve. I'm eagerly awaiting your next post. I'll have to look into the c++ angle.. I'd offer to collaborate but by the looks of it, there's probably very little if anything that I've worked out which you haven't... :) Anyway this reply is getting too long, feel free to reply to me in email if you want at blogger at vespine dot com, maybe we can exchange a few ideas..

  3. Would love to compare notes on the cube... I also used a Pic32 [a Uno32 board to be precise] but I seem to have done a very different approach on the driver circuit and code.

    Can your cube animate stand alone or does it run from a PC?

    [sorky] [@] []


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