Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Project: Steam punk clock.

So I've started a new project. Not nearly as ambitious as the LED cube, but I'm quite excited by it nonetheless.

I bought an awesome vacuum tube display clock from the uk:

Currently it's the clock on their front page, if that changes in the future, I got the IN-8 & IN-8-2 Clock Kit.

This thing is really amazing, I've been eying off tube clocks for a while and for the price point (about $100) this clock was my favorite by far. I'm not planning to use the bottom illuminating blue LEDs, I might trial amber LEDs, or UV, or I'll probably just leave them off, it looks great without them.
The question obviously is what to do with it. I spent a few weeks around trash and treasure markets trying to find the perfect "something" to stick it in. I think at week 3 I found a guy who has some old telephone parts, I mean "OLD". This is what I picked up for a measly $15!

Bargain. So I've build the clock:

And I've started taking the phone "thing" apart to clean it up and reassemble it in a more aesthetic manner.

This is a very rough mock up of what it's going to look like when it's done, I think i'll somehow try to incorporate the above terminal strip into the design of the front because it just looks so cool.

One thing I'm really happy with is the switches actually still work! So I will wire them to the switches on the clock so they'll actually control the clock! That will be awesome.

Anyway, there's lots of fiddly work that will need to go into this. I'm planning to sand and re-varnish the wood. There will be some cutting of the heavy chassis that will need to be done, that's maybe the most daunting part because the clock PCB is actually about 1cm wider then the chassis, so i'll need to work out how to fit and mount it. Also the terminal strip will need some shaping and i'm not sure how i'll do that yet because it looks like it's actually made out of black perspex or something, i think it must be not an original part. Anyway, just thought I'd throw this up here as a starting point. Will post some more when I make more progress.

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