Saturday, March 19, 2011

Higher quality youtube clip of 8x8x8 RGB LED Cube/

I've had this clip up on youtube for a while but I think i forgot to link it here.

So here it is:


  1. hey vespine i have been reading through ur blog for some time already and i got to hand it to you, a job well done ! :) . there is a few question that i would like to ask u if its alright with you. For now i shall ask my first question, i notice u only have 8 MOSFETs right? that means each transistor is to ground each layer. Is all your layer horizontal or vertical(i know lame question :( )? And is the mosfet that u provide enough to withstand the max current of the layer? (meaning when all of the RGB colour turn white) . do u also happen to have ur circuit diagram on how u connect ur cube to ur TLC? i m little confuse :( THANKS !


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