Wednesday, February 10, 2010

controller roundup

I've decided to make a post outlining my control electronics and how everything is going.

Here is the power module i've been using from the start. 

i use an LM317T to produce 3.3v for my logic and a trim pot voltage regulated LM338T for my LEDs. i needed the extra current of the 338T as i expect my peak current could possibly be up in the 3A range, though i doubt it will get that high in practice.

Next is my control board. 

Up until recently I only had the one PIC on there but i've decided to try to implement 2, one will be purely the "driver" while the other will be used to generate and process the actual animations that will be displayed, hopefully taking that strain off the driver. Also in the bottom left I am planning to place a demultiplexer which will let me free up some required pins on my driver PIC. This will also let me get rid of the annoying "prog /run" switch i had to put in since I had to use two of the programming pins for my layer select bus. 

Lastly is my layer select board.

This is the one i'm least sure about. I'm using IRF5210 P-Channel mosfets as the layer current source. My main problem at the moment is layer ghosting. I've been reading that in this kind of application N channel is more suitable so i'm going to make another layer select board with N channel mosfets. The main hurdle is that N channel requires a gate voltage higher then source so i need to use mosfet drivers. I have almost everything sourced except for some DIP sockets and a couple of other bits. 

So all together and all plugged in it looks like this now:
Bit of a mess, but once it is all worked out, it will tuck neatly out of the way under the cube.

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