Monday, November 30, 2009

sammich sid

I've wanted a SID Chip based synth for a very long time. I even bought a couple of SID chips knowing that I'd eventually get around to doing something with them. So, as it happens I started digging around and found the Sammich SID project. I won't bore you with the details, but this has hands down been the most fun I've ever had building a kit. What a great project. After slaving at my cube for over 6 months I really wanted a bit of a break and this was perfect. I pretty much put the thing together over two nights, but as it turns out I don't have a suitable 12v power supply. I thought I had one but it was burned out, then I found another one and it was only 750mA and this needs 1A.. I went to Jaycar today to pick one up and they'd sold out, pretty much of ALL their 12v power supplies, from like 1A to 5A, there was about 6 empty hooks. The guy said the stock had arrived and was being unpacked tonight, so i'm going to go back tomorrow. I have to read through the instructions and stuff, the interface wasn't immediately intuitive. In the mean time, here are some pics.

The perspex mask is left on intentionally until I get around to filling the engraving with paint.

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  1. fantastic! looks good in the brown mask: can you leave that on and still use the buttons?


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