Sunday, September 27, 2009

BIG PC Upgrade. Core i7, crossfire, SSD.

Decided to upgrade my PC a bit, and as usual, one thing leads to another and by the end of it, i have a bit of a monster!

This is what ended up making it to my shopping list:

Intel core i7 920
Asus P6T
G.Skill 6GB tri-channel RAM kit (3x2GB)

G.Skill Falcon 64GB SSD (Solid state drive)
2x Gigabyte Radeon 4890OC video cards (crossfire)
Zalman ZM850-HP

Noctua NH12P i7 CPU cooling unit.

So as you can probably tell, not much made it into my new computer. My case, my DVDR drives and a couple of my SATA drives.

Here are some pics from the build.

This is what my PC looked like before.
This is what was lurking beneath the surface. Dirty dirty PC!
Confessions of a hopeless early adopter:
Nice LGA1366 socket and chip! 1366 contacts!
Monster heatsink!
Erm, i actually didn't think it was going to be this massive!
Even with the modular powersupply unit, it was quite a task to get everything wired up.
and the almost finished product.
I mean it's pretty much finished. Just a few minor tweaks left. Everything even worked 1st time! Which was nice. The side of my case fits but it has a fan on it which doesn't because of the ginormous heat sink, so there will be some cutting and drilling required to set it a few centimeters lower. Also need some brackets and a few other minor adjustments before everything is screwed down tight.

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