Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, i'm flip flopping, but I'm back to believing the LEDs are inconsistent.

Check out this picture, it plainly shows some leds are brighter and some are barely lit. This is what I got when i put a diode in series with the common source voltage. I don't quite understand it, it seems almost impossible, but two of my planes are ENTIRELY made of LEDs which are blue dim. they were packed in a bag, loose, i took them out and bent them and threw them one by one into a box, still loose. It seems almost impossible. This is what made me think the plane it self may be at fault, like an earth leak in the plane. But sure enough, i swapped a dim one for a bright one in the plane beside it, and sure enough the dim LED remained dim and the bright one remained bright. The top right corner is where I swapped the LEDs, you can see it. This made me suspect my soldering technique, maybe I was over heating the LEDs at one point, or someting, but sure enough, all my spare LEDs which have not been bent or toutched a soldering iron give similarly varied readings. When i juice them up I get currents anything between 2.6mA to 7mA.. i'm confused, i thought these were "constant current" drivers. I'm going to have to find some forums to hit, i'm a bit stumped.

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