Monday, August 3, 2009

4 out of 8 planes completed, begun working on base.

On the weekend I finished the 4th out of 8 planes. So half way there with those now. It's starting to get tedious so I'm trying not to think about what working on the 7th and 8th one will be like...

I've cut all the wire to length, that's the second spool of 75m, yes, 150 m of spooled wire cut into 50cm lengths..

I've also started working on the base wiring. this is the underside of what the planes are eventually going to plug into.

This is 3 "boards" which is half the base, there is another 3 I'm yet to do.

So I think I pretty much have everything I need now, save a few minor things like paint for the stand and some bolts and stuff. But as far as silicon and wire goes, the inventory is complete and just have a crap load more soldering to do...

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